How to Get the Best Keynote Speaker

The next big company event is coming up soon and you have to start planning. It’s a very important event and you want to impress everyone attending.

You know you want to have a keynote speaker to unify the audience. You don’t just want any ordinary keynote speaker; you want the best. So where do you begin? Here are a few tips on how to obtain the best individual to speak at your event:

 Disregard Geography – When looking for a keynote speaker, don’t check anyone off the list just because they are not in your area. Keynote speakers will travel, even abroad, to wherever they are needed. You mustn’t limit yourself to only speakers within your area. It can be worth it to pay someone that is international to have them come from France, Brazil, Japan or else and speak at your conference, if they are the best fit for the job.

 Professional Experience – Check their resume. Not only to make sure they aren’t lying about their experience (although that is also good), but to double check that the speaker is a good fit for your global event. Check that their experiences match the overall theme you want to have at your global event.

 Use the Internet – The Internet is your best friend. Check online to see if there are any videos of the person speaking at other global events, international conferences or workshops. This will give you a sense of their presentation style. This is especially beneficial if the person you are hiring is from another country and you cannot see them in person.

Whether you are planning an event, conference or workshop, having a keynote speaker can create a welcoming environment and change the entire experience of the event. That is why it is very important to hire a suitable keynote speaker. In addition, bringing a keynote from another country brings a new aspect and interest to your event.

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