How to Get the Best Keynote Speaker

The next big company event is coming up soon and you have to start planning. It’s a very important event and you want to impress everyone attending.

You know you want to have a keynote speaker to unify the audience. You don’t just want any ordinary keynote speaker; you want the best. So where do you begin? Here are a few tips on how to obtain the best individual to speak at your event:

 Disregard Geography – When looking for a keynote speaker, don’t check anyone off the list just because they are not in your area. Keynote speakers will travel, even abroad, to wherever they are needed. You mustn’t limit yourself to only speakers within your area. It can be worth it to pay someone that is international to have them come from France, Brazil, Japan or else and speak at your conference, if they are the best fit for the job.

 Professional Experience – Check their resume. Not only to make sure they aren’t lying about their experience (although that is also good), but to double check that the speaker is a good fit for your global event. Check that their experiences match the overall theme you want to have at your global event.

 Use the Internet – The Internet is your best friend. Check online to see if there are any videos of the person speaking at other global events, international conferences or workshops. This will give you a sense of their presentation style. This is especially beneficial if the person you are hiring is from another country and you cannot see them in person.

Whether you are planning an event, conference or workshop, having a keynote speaker can create a welcoming environment and change the entire experience of the event. That is why it is very important to hire a suitable keynote speaker. In addition, bringing a keynote from another country brings a new aspect and interest to your event.

If you are looking to make the best possible impression, contact David Mitroff Ph.D to have him speak at your next conference or event. David Mitroff is available to talk anywhere in the world, Japan, Germany, India, Dubai, Indonesia, South America, Australia… contact David Mitroff today to book him for your event.

UC Berkeley’s Best Clubs for Marketing


Are you looking to pursue a career in marketing, but don’t have any relevant skills to put on your resume? One of the biggest paradoxical challenges in finding a marketing internship is that you need experience to gain experience. Not to mention, the job market is really competitive throughout the Bay Area. In that case, you should consider joining a marketing club on campus!

There are many benefits to getting involved in a professional marketing organization and extending your college experience beyond the classrooms. Becoming a member will help you acquire more knowledge and experience pertaining to marketing. In addition, you get to be a part of a community of like-minded and creative individuals and gain access to networking and recruiting events. To help you get started, we have put together a list of the best clubs at University of California, Berkeley that focus on marketing.

   1. Undergraduate Marketing Association (UMA)

The Undergraduate Marketing Association, also known as UMA, is an organization that provides marketing and consulting services. Consultants specialize within one of the three consulting divisions (Strategy Consulting, Design Consulting, and Events Consulting). UMA offers their members with the tools and first-hand experience in consulting, design, creative strategy, and event planning. UMA supports their members in reaching their academic and professional goals, and provide networking opportunities by hosting speaker series events at University of California, Berkeley. UMA’s client portfolio boasts of companies such as ATT, Microsoft, and Target.



   2. imagiCal

Founded in 1980, imagiCal is a student-run, competitive advertising agency and creative consultancy. imagiCal members partake in case competitions for advertising, such as the National Student Advertising Competition, and develop campaigns for renowned brands. They also provide consulting services for a variety of clients, ranging from Berkeley-based non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations. imagiCal members use a mix of both analytical and imaginative methods in order to provide creative strategies for their clients. Companies who have worked with imagiCal include Pizza Hut, Nissan, and JC Penney.



   3. Marketing Community at Berkeley (MComm)

Marketing Community at Berkeley, or “MComm”, is a marketing organization that offers resources for students who would to like to gain a better understanding of the marketing industry. The club was founded by the UMA in 2013 and was previously named the Berkeley Marketing Club. MComm provides educational and career development opportunities, through workshops and case studies, so members can learn the necessary fundamentals for a career in marketing. MComm also holds marketing events to help members expand their professional network. Their partners include Nielsen, Cisco, and LinkedIn.



   4. Haas Marketing Club

The Haas Marketing Club is specifically targeted for students who are enrolled in the MBA program at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business. The Haas Marketing Club connects marketing-oriented students of the Berkeley-Haas community who aspire to work in top firms. The club provides members with opportunities to enhance their education, preparation, and connections in the marketing field. The Haas Marketing Club hosts a variety of events, such as academic support, interview preparations, and company visits throughout the Bay Area.



We hope that you find this list of marketing clubs helpful. If you decide that joining a professional marketing organization might not be for you, there are plenty of other opportunities to attend events and connect with business professionals from various companies. David Mitroff, Ph.D is a host for many professional networking events, social mixers, and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out to see our upcoming events!

Event Marketing

This video includes how to use Event Marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to drive traffic to your website, and leveraging events for Passive Marketing and Active Marketing.

Networking Event Leads

Stacks of business cards? What to do with all the Business Cards you get from networking events? David Mitroff reviews the process he uses to scan business cards, determine who to follow up with after networking events, and then how to use Constant Contact Email Marketing for customer loyalty and follow up.


Marketing Strategies

It’s as simple as Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream! David Mitroff reviews Marketing Strategies including Traditional Marketing / Selling versus Engagement Marketing / Selling. Today we can use Social Media for both Active Marketing and Passive Marketing to achieve greater marketing awareness and increase sales. Tricks to boost engagement marketing.

Event Marketing for Business Success 5/29 – Oakland Hills

Make new business and personal connections while learning about Social Media Event Marketing and how to successfully promote your business. We expect 200+ people for this event. First learn from industry experts and keynote speakers David Mitroff and Patrick Schwerdtfeger, followed by Social and Business Networking.

This event on Wednesday May 29, 2013 from 5:30pm until 8:30pm at Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church in the Oakland Hills is perfect for San Francisco Bay Area professionals who want to connect with other professionals while learning about social media, event marketing and creating business success. Please arrive early, as we expect a lot of people for this FREE event. Doors open at 5:15pm.

At our events we ask for donations to support different charities and 100% of this events donations go to the Oakland Scottish Rite Lanaguate Clinic which provides free speech pathology and other language services to Oakland children. We will thank you and your business in event follow up emails and/or other marketing materials for any donation of $20 or more.

Network, learn and socialize with other professionals, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, bankers, real estate developers, physicians, technology gurus, sales and marketing experts and other San Francisco Bay Area professionals.

Event Includes:

Friendly greeters and an overall environment that makes it fun and easy to connect with others
Hearing two expert speakers (David Mitroff and Patrick Schwerdtfeger) speak on event marketing, social media and cultivating greatness for your business!
Special promotions from our sponsors: Constant Contact, Piedmont Avenue Consulting, David Mitroff, Patrick Schwerdtfeger, vCita, Forever Snap
Raffle items including: Engagement Marketing book from Constant Contact, and much more

Event Location:

Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church (
4101 Park Blvd., Oakland, CA 94602

Conveniently located on the corner of Park Blvd and Hampel Street for nearly a century, the Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church provides the perfect environment for networking events catering to the East Bay Area community. There is a nice size parking lot and plenty of street parking in this nice area.


This Event on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 from 5:30pm until 8:30pm at Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Oakland. Please arrive early as we expect a lot of people.

5:15pm Doors open. Registration and Networking
6:10pm 1st Raffle (Bring your business card)
6:15pm Event Marketing and Business Success Workshop Begins. Presented by David Mitroff and Patrick Schwerdtfeger. Please arrive early!
7:25pm 2nd Raffle (Bring your business card)
7:30pm Networking and Socializing
8:30pm Event Officially ends

Topics Covered During the Speaking Portion:

David Mitroff, Ph.D. will give a presentation on Event Marketing and Social Media Strategies (sponsored by Constant Contact). Learn a comprehensive approach to manage and promote events big and small. You will possess all the tools necessary in order to handle everything from registrations to payment to promotion in a professional, affordable way. Topics covered will include:

  • Plan – Professionally promote your event. Set up an ad-free event homepage, collect registration fees with secure payment processing, and keep registration open for attendees to register online at their convenience.
  • Track – Reduce repetitive tasks. Reduce the number of day-to-day “to-dos” with online event registration, reminders, invitations, a calendar, and event themes. Do more…but in minutes by managing all your promotions, registrations, and communications in one place.
  • Manage – Monitor and course-correct. Save money by taking the guesswork out of capturing attendance information. Use event tracking and reporting tools to plan for exact catering needs, room size, parking space…you name it!
  • and more…

Patrick Schwerdtfeger will build on this presentation and speak about Cultivating Greatness. It’s a new program all about the science of success and includes:

Secrets to transform failures into success
How to have a successful mindset
Fascinating studies and incredible stories where people have created succcess
Embrace a “top-down” approach to goal setting and achievement
and more…

RSVP NOW to this event for free by visiting so we can add you to the guest list!

An RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee admission to this event. Without an RSVP on Eventbrite, this event is $10 at the door.

At this point you have all the information you need…

… However if you want even MORE information feel free to keep reading

Who will be there?

Professionals who want to socialize, entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, bankers, real estate developers, physicians, technology gurus, sales and marketing experts and other professionals, along with others to socialize and meet new people.

How many people show up?

Our events have at least 45 people, up to 400 people depending on the venue. We make sure people are open and approachable, regardless of how many people show up… you will be able to meet and talk to anyone… our greeters will be there to make introductions and keep things moving.

What to Bring:

Bring your cards. Bring at least one card for Walnut Creek Events, so we can enter you in a raffle. Bring your laptop because it is an interactive workshop.

How to Dress:

This is after work networking, so even if you did not work…pretend and dress like you did! We all look good, when we dress professional. We always take pictures at our events, so you want to look your best!


Our events are photographed for our Websites and Social Media sites. By attending our event, you give us permission to take photographs and use the images. All participants at our events are beautiful people and are subject to be photographed and used to promote future events.


Our goal is to make Walnut Creek Events easy events to network and meet other people at by having greeters at the door to welcome you and an overall environment that makes it fun and easy to connect with others. At this event, Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church gives us a spacious room in which to talk and network.

About Park Boulevard Presbyterian Chruch:

Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church is a multi-generational church that connects culturally-diverse individuals together within the community. To learn more, visit

About this Events Sponsored Charity – Oakland Scottish Rite Language Clinic:

The Oakland Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center a non-profit language and learning center has been providing screenings, evaluations, and speech therapy services to preschool through high school aged children and adolescents since 1984. All services and programs are provided free of charge, made possible through the generosity charitable gifts and special fundraising events. As with all facilities across the nation, the Oakland facility is staffed by licensed speech and language pathologists and educational therapists. At the height of our summer program, the center provides 133 speech, language, and learning sessions every week.

100% of any donation made to the event organizers will go directly to the charity. We will also thank you and your business for the donation in our event thank you emails if you make any donation of $10 or more.

About Walnut Creek Events:

Walnut Creek Events are perfect for San Francisco East Bay professionals who want to connect with other professionals. Make new business and personal connections, build your network, find new clients, and identify business opportunities.

We make networking easy by having greeters at the door to not only welcome you – they introduce you to others, along with having events in elegant environments that makes it fun to connect with others.

Walnut Creek Events ( produces and promotes upcoming Walnut Creek Networking, Social Mixers and Business events in or around Walnut Creek.

We invite you to join us!

About The Organizer:

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is a Connector, Master Networker and Entrepreneur. David is the Founder and Chief Consultant of Piedmont Avenue Consulting ( a San Francisco Bay Area based business development and marketing consulting firm. David and his team work with clients across numerous markets and sizes to create brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and streamline business processes. David is an active member, on the executive board, or advisory committees for several organizations. He continually collaborates with several consultant groups, merchant associations, and charities to best serve the community.

David founded Walnut Creek Events ( to better serve his San Francisco East Bay clients by producing and promoting high level networking, social mixers and business events in or around Walnut Creek that can bring attention to East Bay businesses and create new connections.

Want to Volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers to help out at our events. Please introduce yourself to us or email and let us know how you would like to volunteer and we can then better determine if their is a good fit.

  • Greeters
  • Photographers
  • Social Media Promoters

Want to be a Sponsor?

Advertise and promote your business to our huge audience across emails, at events, and on our website and social media sites. Please contact us to learn more and to determine if there is a good fit.

  • Gifts and Donations
  • Raffle Items
  • Food and Drinks
  • Event Space Sponsor

Fine Print:

The information provided by these workshops is intended for informational purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. The workshops are not intended to offer specific marketing, legal or financial advice. Each small business is unique, please consult with qualified professionals to discuss your situation.

Our events are photographed for our Websites and Social Media sites. By attending our event, you give us permission to take photographs and use the images. All participants at our events are beautiful people and are subject to be photographed and used to promote future events.

An RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee admission to this event. Without an RSVP on Eventbrite, this event is $10 at the door.

RSVP NOW by visiting so we can add you to the guest list!

Benefits of Shared Workspaces

Can’t focus at home but don’t have an office to go to?  A new trend emerging in the workplace is the concept of shared workspaces.  These shared workspaces provide business professionals with all of the same benefits of a professional office in a community setting.

One recent example of this is Third Workplace, a workspace dedicated to helping business professionals embrace a balanced work and life existence.  Third Workplace is a great place for small business owners, consultants and remote workers to get into a more professional environment.  It’s quieter and cleaner, faster and less crowed than trying to work at the local coffee shop.  Like professional offices, Third Workplace offers open workplaces, private workplaces, and meeting workplaces.  They offer rooms with video conferencing enabled, perfect for your Skype meeting with people across the country.  Do you have to host a meeting or present an idea to a client?  With Third Workplace you can also take advantage of the whiteboards or LED flatscreens in the meeting workplaces.  You can also print, copy, and fax.

By using a shared workplace like Third Workplace, you can save money on renting out a private office or driving out to the local printing office to print that sixty-page contract.   In addition to saving on money, these community workplaces have the added benefit of a supportive cooperative environment.

Some other popular shared workplaces in the Bay Area include Sandbox Suites, The Hub, Regus, and Citizen Space among others.

With small or personal businesses on the rise, the need to support them is growing and these co-working spaces provide the necessary space and equipment used by business professionals.


Pinterest for Business Best Practices

Pinterest is a digital scrapbook where you can “pin” (post) and “like” the images you are interested in and users can follow each other. We outline below how businesses can use Pinterest as a Social Media platform to promote and share their products.

The most popular topic on Pinterest is related to Food and Drink, which accounts for over a quarter of all pins. DIY (Do it yourself projects) and Crafts, and Women’s Apparel were next in line in terms of their popularity. Because of these facts, restaurants, crafts stores, and women’s fashion stores in particular, may want to start pinning today.

For all type businesses, Pinterest is another Social Media platform to increase a businesses brand awareness and opportunities. Here are some best practices:

  1. Use interesting and high quality photos. Higher quality and creative product photos are the key to fascinate pinners. You don’t see a pixelated and blurry photo that is repined by pinners.  Before you pin your product photo, make it fun and interesting to grab pinners’ eyes.
  2. Share a story instead of promoting your product.  Add an interesting story or description to your product to make pinners repin it. Don’t make pinners think you just want to sell a product to them.
  3. Study your target audience on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest as a market research tool to find out what are the products, colors or styles that get the most repins. Also you can study demography, who and what are their ages most liklely to repin and like your product.
  4. Review other businesses’ pin boards. You can use it to see how your competitors do on Pinterest.
  5. Create a contest. Everyone likes a free gift. You can leverage Pinterst as a platform to execute advertising by creating a contest. It will tempt a pinner to repin therefore increase your brand presence.

Let Eventbrite Help Organize Your Next Event

Need help planning and promoting an upcoming event?  Let Eventbrite help!  Eventbrite is a free and easy online tool that helps you create, find and attend events.  With Eventbrite’s professional and customizable tools, planning an event is made easy.  Not only can you custom create your event, but you can also access your event webpage anywhere using their easy to use mobile application.

Need help spreading the word about your event? No problem.  Eventbrite also makes getting the word out easy with personalized emails or adding them to search engines.  Once you have started promoting you can also track your attendance to see how many people are coming to your event, the ticket and registrations sales and ramp up your professional activity as needed.

Not only does Eventbrite help you plan and promote your event, but it also helps manage event entry with their Entry Manager app to check people in and scan barcoded tickets through your phone.  If that isn’t your thing you can also print up a guest list.

If those aren’t convincing enough, here are 5 more reasons for using Eventbrite:

  • Huge audience
  • Reaches a lot of people
  • Makes life easier
  • Helps to gain traffic for your website
  • FREE to use

Eventbite is everything you need to sell tickets and manage registration of any kind of event.  With Eventbrite anyone can be a great event organizer.  It empowers event organizers to become more efficient and effective when bringing people together. People everywhere are searching Eventbrite to discover great events that matter to them.

Eat Real Festival Oakland, CA. Jack London Square, September 21 – 23, 2012

It’s about two months away and I’m already excited. The Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square, Oakland is described by the founders as a mix between street food festival, county fair, and block party where people can come together to celebrate good times and fresh, local food.

At Eat Real, they have created an event where not only can anyone try tasty, handmade eats and drinks, but where they can also discover where your food comes from, meet the people who grow and make it, and learn how it’s made. Support Oakland and local businesses.

This event has been very successful in the past and I always learn something new. If you are so inclined, you can even try your hand at making some food at the event yourself.

With free entry and no food item costing more than $5 it’s a real deal!

All food includes local, organic, and sustainable ingredients! The concept is that eating real does not have to mean eating real expensively.

In years past they have had over 60 street food vendors, 30 beers and wines on tap, 30 craft food market vendors, backyard farmers with animals and garden installations, demonstrations and workshops including the mozzarella, vinegar, bitters, and sauerkraut making, live music with Bay Area based bands and DJs, and much more. It’s worth saving the date!

I look forward to seeing you at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland is at Jack London Square from September 21 – 23, 2012.