Can’t focus at home but don’t have an office to go to?  A new trend emerging in the workplace is the concept of shared workspaces.  These shared workspaces provide business professionals with all of the same benefits of a professional office in a community setting.
One recent example of this is Third Workplace, a workspace dedicated to helping business professionals embrace a balanced work and life existence.  Third Workplace is a great place for small business owners, consultants and remote workers to get into a more professional environment.  It’s quieter and cleaner, faster and less crowed than trying to work at the local coffee shop.  Like professional offices, Third Workplace offers open workplaces, private workplaces, and meeting workplaces.  They offer rooms with video conferencing enabled, perfect for your Skype meeting with people across the country.  Do you have to host a meeting or present an idea to a client?  With Third Workplace you can also take advantage of the whiteboards or LED flatscreens in the meeting workplaces.  You can also print, copy, and fax.

By using a shared workplace like Third Workplace, you can save money on renting out a private office or driving out to the local printing office to print that sixty-page contract.   In addition to saving on money, these community workplaces have the added benefit of a supportive cooperative environment.

Some other popular shared workplaces in the Bay Area include Sandbox Suites, The Hub, Regus, and Citizen Space among others.

With small or personal businesses on the rise, the need to support them is growing and these co-working spaces provide the necessary space and equipment used by business professionals.