Pinterest is a digital scrapbook where you can “pin” (post) and “like” the images you are interested in and users can follow each other. We outline below how businesses can use Pinterest as a Social Media platform to promote and share their products.

The most popular topic on Pinterest is related to Food and Drink, which accounts for over a quarter of all pins. DIY (Do it yourself projects) and Crafts, and Women’s Apparel were next in line in terms of their popularity. Because of these facts, restaurants, crafts stores, and women’s fashion stores in particular, may want to start pinning today.

For all type businesses, Pinterest is another Social Media platform to increase a businesses brand awareness and opportunities. Here are some best practices:

  1. Use interesting and high quality photos. Higher quality and creative product photos are the key to fascinate pinners. You don’t see a pixelated and blurry photo that is repined by pinners.  Before you pin your product photo, make it fun and interesting to grab pinners’ eyes.
  2. Share a story instead of promoting your product.  Add an interesting story or description to your product to make pinners repin it. Don’t make pinners think you just want to sell a product to them.
  3. Study your target audience on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest as a market research tool to find out what are the products, colors or styles that get the most repins. Also you can study demography, who and what are their ages most liklely to repin and like your product.
  4. Review other businesses’ pin boards. You can use it to see how your competitors do on Pinterest.
  5. Create a contest. Everyone likes a free gift. You can leverage Pinterst as a platform to execute advertising by creating a contest. It will tempt a pinner to repin therefore increase your brand presence.