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Top 5 CRM Softwares for Small Business Competitive Advantage

customer relationship service

When it comes to data optimization, and thorough information analysis for potential or current leads, CRM software as a service is your best bet for business operations. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a nationwide business development tool, used by a range of businesses.
To thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area, a city of tech-startups and corporations, it is essential to acquire up-to-date technology such as a Customer Relationship Management Software. For small businesses, in particular, creating new leads within the company begins with data storage for information needed to measure, monitor, and create business strategies. The end-goal of closing deals or generating sales for a small business can be achieved efficiently through a Customer Relationship Management software.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 CRM Softwares for Small Business Competitive Advantage:

Ranking as the #1 CRM Software for businesses with a headquarter in San Francisco, Salesforce provides ten different customer categories for an advance contact organization and efficient retrieval of customer information for future marketing strategy and sales projection. Salesforce also offers the option for other employees to have access to information about the past or current activities in specific accounts.

Netsuite LogoRanking as the #2 CRM Software for businesses and located in the San Mateo Bay Area, NetSuite creates a competitive advantage for small businesses by featuring customer interactions with an aligning time period. Through NETSUITE’s user-friendly approach, it allows client contact information and history retrieval in just a few clicks.


Ranking as the #3 CRM Software, OnContact serves not only as a customer data storage, measuring, and monitoring tool, but they also include e-mail campaigns program capabilities, similar to Constant Contact or Mailchimp. The platform brings forward competitive advantage for small business to market their company with e-mail marketing.

Infusionsoft logoRanking as the #4 CRM Software located outside of the Bay Area, Infusionsoft contains not only Customer Relationship management programs but also marketing and e-commerce as well. The software is composed of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that helps you can create landing pages or web forms to capture prospects.

Microsoft dynamics CRM

Ranking as the #5 CRM Software, Microsoft Dynamics possess various dashboards for specific user designation needs, whether it is marketing, sales, leads, or opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics also has a dynamic dashboard, to run reports, invoices, and track records. However, performance may decrease if it’s used with a non-windows product.

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