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Learn from San Francisco Bay Area business executive coach and career counseling expert David Mitroff, Ph.D. on how to make yourself and/or your business competitive in the market. You don’t need to be a CEO to become successful or bring your company to the next level – Set-up your mindset in order to help yourself become a leader that your employees look up to. Dr. Mitroff has +20 years of experience and has worked with 1000’s of individuals and companies of all sizes in San Francisco Bay Area achieve success. David knows how to integrate new technologies and improve employee performance at Bay Area businesses and has conducted 100’s of business workshops

so what makes a good keynote speaker
  • Coaching – Offering new creative ideas, strategies, and initiatives. A plan of action offering advice and guidance and transfer skills to clients. Together we identify your strengths and map out a plan to leverage them.
  • Approach – Internal resources in changing focus, and find ways to focus their energy and work directly to established an outcome in a timely manner. Learn to utilize your resources and lead your team to success.
  • Engagement – We work together on short and long term plan for success. Leave every meeting sessions with clear action and objectives.  We help you implement creative new ideas from an outside perspective.

Why executive coaching?

What does it take to reach the next level? What is your next step to success? Most professionals have the skill set or have a team to support them with the skill set they lack; how do you leverage these skills? How do you take your leadership skill to another level in order to reach personal and professional success?

Having a business executive coach allows business owners and executives to learn and grow whether it is personal or professional development. Start-up entrepreneurs and companies hire business coach or consultant to give them feedback in things they could improve on, processes they could implement and show them areas they haven’t think about exploring. An executive coach provides an outside perspective of the business. In order to ensure every employee are satisfied and finding new challenges to their career, companies hire David Mitroff, Ph.D. for consulting and executive coaching. David has helped companies throughout the East Bay and Silicon Valley on growth performance.

David Mitroff, Ph.D., brings a wealth of expertise in business and personal growth. With a comprehensive educational background, he holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with coursework in Business Administration, Legal Studies, and Marketing. This foundation equips him with strong critical and analytical thinking skills, making him adept at business strategy, relationship building, and networking. If you’re working on a presentation or paper, services like referat schreiben lassen can be valuable for creating high-quality content.

how does executive coaching work?

Do you want to be successful in your personal and business life? My executive coaching approach is to focus on forward thinking and solution focused actions, rather than fixating on the past. Together, we define what success looks like both in your personal and professional life, as well as a leadership development path. We then develop a comprehensive long term coaching program, not a get-rich-in-a-week scheme.  

Identifying Goals

  • Reflect on what happiness means to you 
  • Define success
  • Look at your schedule 
  • Realistically set short term and long term goals

Gaining Outside Perspective

  • Use extensive educational background and knowledge
  • Point out problems and vulnerabilities
  • Reveal missed opportunities
  • Generate creative ideas

Developing a Coaching Program

  • Clear business objectives and actions  for business and personal life
  • Weekly check-ins and meetings 
  • Keep client accountable of goals
  • Measurable results
Every success story begins with a first step

5 reasons to Hire David Mitroff, ph.d.

Everyone has an opportunity to improve in their personal and business life, even if you don’t realize it. Hiring an executive coach does not show weakness, but rather displays a willingness to grow. With their educational knowledge in the industry, they will help you identify and solve any underlying issues. An executive coach operates with a high level of care and professionalism in order to strengthen skills in your business and personal life to unknown bounds.

 1. An Outside Perspective

For most people, it is hard to recognize weaknesses. An executive coach, who has an objective view, can point out communication and organizational issues in the workplace and in personal life. This can range from communication with coworkers in the work office to organizing an efficient schedule. This will help you and your business gain clarity to succeed.

2. Gain an Advantage Over Competitors

An executive coach has extensive knowledge of your business and industry. Sometimes it is difficult to be creative and leverage opportunities when you are closely involved in a business. A coach will be able to identify ways to stand out from competitors through new trends and opportunities in the industry. With their professional education and experience, they will help you create a long-term strategy for success.

3. Increase Confidence

 Confidence is not a trait that everyone possesses. An executive coach will help you find your voice in the workplace, so you can properly communicate and build connections. This skill translates into your personal life, because it molds you into the best version that you can be. Confidence will help you get results for your business, because you realize you have the potential to be successful

4. Success

Success is hard to define and equally hard to accomplish. An executive coach will help you establish goals to help you succeed in your personal and business life, which will ultimately bring you happiness and balance. These goals are hard to recognize and accomplish on your own. Thus, the coach will help divide your goals into incremental and realistic steps in order to ensure that success will be achieved


Some people have a limited perspective of their goals. An executive coach will tangibly remind and keep you in line with your established goals. Furthermore, the coach will bring emotional support to your personal life and resources for your business needs, so that your goals are achievable. There will be continuous check-ins and meetings in order to ensure that the client is on track to success.

Kim Bardakian
The Cathedral of Christ the Light
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

David conveys the information in an easy to follow manner that resonates well with the audience. I would definitely hire (and recommend him to others) again!

Karen Rice
Constant Contact

David seamlessly energizes business people in a way that informs and excites them about their potential while keeping their nerves at bay. I would recommend him as an outstanding choice as both a consultant for your company and as a dynamic speaker