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Meeting Planner Resources


If you are an event planner or meeting planner, you can find here all the content and resources about Keynote Speaker David Mitroff Ph.D,  that you can use to include in your meetings and events marketing materials.

Speaker packet

Benefits of having an event

1 Reinforcement and enhancement of brand awareness – Throwing an event will help you get your company in the eye of more people.

2 Lead generation – You are able to target people and follow up with them after the event.

3  Creation of better relationships – Meet people who are interested in similar things as you and your business. 

4 Collaboration with others and development of partnerships.

5 Letting your audience know what’s going on – Use Social Media to publicize and make it easy for your audience to find out what’s going on with your business. It can also be a reminder to people that you exist.