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Clipping Path India

Amazon SEO: how to get found and sell

Clipping Path India is an image editing service provider who specializes in e-commerce and product photography. In their article regarding Amazon SEO, David Mitroff, Ph.D gives insight into how certain tactics, such as using keywords for his book Online Business Growth Strategies: A Practical Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing help enhance Search Engine Optimization.

The article explains what is Amazon SEO and how optimizing keywords, product titles, source code, images, can help  your business growth in a short period of time. 

David Mitroff, business consultant and founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., strategically used specific keywords in the title of his book, Online Business Growth Strategies: A Practical Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing.

“The main focus that helps books rank higher is putting keywords within the title. For example, in my title I have the words ‘business’, ‘marketing’ and ‘digital,’” he says. “These keywords help me show up higher in an Amazon search.”

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David Mitroff
Media Expert

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is a business growth strategist, international keynote speaker, and author who founded Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. (, that creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty and streamlines business processes. David and his team advise clients on leveraging technology for creative initiatives from strategy through implementation.

Taking action, no matter how small, is the key to success

David inspires individuals and organizations to think differently through his keynote talks on a wide range of topics including Business & Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Branding Management and Innovation.

His vision of helping leaders and entrepreneurs to understand how to create successful business that stand out and thrive, how to grow your online presence, and how to develop marketing strategies that result in a better-positioned brand; has made him a sought-after business consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California.

He has been a featured media expert for NBC, ABC, Inc. Magazine, Washington Post, The Meeting Professional, Hospitality Technology, California Lawyer, and more.