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Doing these 3 things will make you an expert on any topic, according to a Google mentor


“As you start learning something more and more, you realize you know less and less and less,” Mitroff said. 

This article from Insider Inc. summarizes David Mitroff’s TED Talk on “When Are You Good Enough To Become an Industry Expert.” Mitroff shared his story on how did he became a standup comic “overnight”. The idea is everyone can be an expert by following 3 steps below. 

  1. Spend 3 years learning your topic 
             “After a lot of research, and a lot of time and pain, I believe it takes three years to become an expert,” he said. 
  2. Build your confidence   
             “You have to believe in your product, or believe in your service. You have to believe in your community, and you have to believe in what you’re doing.”
  3. Take action
               “Now does that mean you just wait three years and then say, ‘OK, I’m an expert now’? No, you actually have to do stuff,” 
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