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online business growth strategies

A nine-step guide to digital marketing
David Mitroff Author of Books

David Mitroff, Ph.D. in his book Online Business Growth Strategies shares his best business and marketing secrets that can be used to grow a business, along with materials from hundreds of workshops that Dr. Mitroff has given on marketing strategy, technology, and entrepreneurship. 


How much easier would it be for your business to have a guide outlining the 9 keys areas to follow to develop an online presence? In this book, readers will find out their current online presence score, receive practical examples to reach online success and uncover numerous fee and paid tips and tricks that will help to create a dominating online presence, the higher your online presence score, the more successful your business will be. This book is designed to make an impact. 

David Mitroff, Ph.D. knows how to leverage online tools to generate traffic, both online and off. His level of expertise is exemplified by his own career path. David is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. (, an Oakland, California based award winning business consulting and marketing firm with a proven track record of producing results.

David Mitroff´s journey as an Author began in 2018 when he decided to compile in one book the wealth of knowledge he acquired through his extensive professional and education background, and that was shared regularly through his keynotes, lectures, and consulting services, resulting on his first work ”Online Business Growth Strategies: A Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing”

Some of the topics in this book are about the cause and effects of taking or not taking action

His vision of helping leaders and entrepreneurs to understand how to create successful business that stand out and thrive, how to grow your

online presence, and how to develop marketing strategies that result in a better positioned brand; inspired him to publish these 3 books.

Online Business Growth Strategies: A Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing.  Dr. Mitroff shares his best business and marketing secrets to successfully grow a business.

The Event Effect: How to Leverage Event Marketing to Grow Brands. The best event marketing strategies, along with  step by step event production and promotion guidance.

Law Firm Business Growth Strategies: A Practical Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing For Legal Professionals. A dedicated edition for Law firms and lawyers to educate them on how to grow a Law firm Business.


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Kim Bardakian
The Cathedral of Christ the Light
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

David conveys the information in an easy to follow manner that resonates well with the audience. I would definitely hire (and recommend him to others) again!

Karen Rice
Constant Contact

David seamlessly energizes business people in a way that informs and excites them about their potential while keeping their nerves at bay. I would recommend him as an outstanding choice as both a consultant for your company and as a dynamic speaker